The Dos and Don’ts of Knee Pain

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Whether it is due to arthritis you have or a recent injury, you could do a lot of things to prevent knee pain. Here are some of dos and don’ts of knee pain. Just follow them and you will not be troubled by it ever again.  

 Knee Pain

Don’t Rest Too Much 

Your muscles can be weakened if you rest too much. This could worsen the knee pain. Look for a program exercise that is safe for the knees and use it. Talk with a physical therapist or doctor if you are not sure what motions are safe or how much you could do. If you do not know where to find a professional physical therapist, you could simply visit Infinite Wellness of Kansas City 

Do Exercise 

The muscles that support your knee can be strengthened by cardio exercise. It could also increase flexibility. Stretching and weight training also does the work. For cardio, several great options include elliptical machines, stationary cycling, water aerobics, swimming, and walking. Also, tai chi helps improve balance and ease stiffness. 

Don’t Risk a Fall 

An unstable or painful knee could make a fall a lot more. This could cause more damage to the knee. Lower your risk of falling by ensuring your house is lit well, using a sturdy foot stool or ladder if you need to reach something from a high point, and using handrails on stairs.  

Do use R.I.C.E. 

R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) is great for a knee pain that is caused by an arthritis flare or a minor injury. Give the knee little rest. To reduce swelling, apply ice. Wear a bandage that is compressive. And, elevate your knee.  

Don’t Overlook Your Weight 

Losing weight lowers the stress in the knee if you are overweight. You do not even need to get the ideal weight. Small changes could still make a lot of difference. 

Don’t be Shy About Using a Walking Aid 

A cane or a crutch could take off the stress of the knee. Knee braces and splints could also help you stay stable.  

Do Consider Acupuncture 

Acupuncture is a traditional medicine in China that is used widely to relieve a lot of types of pain and might help knee pain. This involves inserting tiny needles at particular points on your body.  

Don’t Allow your Shoes to Make Things Worse 

The stress on the knees could be reduced by cushioned insoles. Doctors often suggest special insoles that you apply in the shoe for knee osteoarthritis. Speak with a physical therapist or your doctor to find the suitable insole.  

Do Play With Temperature 

Use a cold pack to numb the pain and ease swelling for the 1st 48 up to 72 hours after the injury. A plastic bag of frozen peas or ice works well. Utilize it for 14 up to 19 min. 3 or 4 times per day. To be kind to the skin, wrap the ice pack with a towel. You could heat up things with a warm bath after that.

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Best Shrubs to Make Hedges

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A hedge is commonly known as a wall composed of plants in which some serves a practical function, while others are purely for decorative purposes only. Hedge plants that are used as decors are commonly cut to precise shapes and sizes which include plants like deciduous shrubs and evergreen.  



These shrubs can also serve the practical function of rendering your home with additional security. Well, if you are interested in creating your own living wall, here are some things that you need to consider. 

To some degree, almost any row of densely growing hedge plants will surely enhance your security. If you wish to stick to hedge plants rather than fences, you can select shrubs that have thorns. This will surely add a higher level of security. 

But security is the sole purpose of hedges. Privacy screens or windbreaks can also be made from a hedge, wherein small trees are often incorporated.  Rather than cut to a particular size or shape, the plants are commonly allowed to grow in a natural manner.  

You can also contact lawn care specialists such as to discuss the best way to make your lawn attractive. They provide professional services and guarantees that their clients are happy and fully satisfied with their work. 

    Examples of Evergreen Hedge Shrubs 

Japanese holly resembles more like a boxwood shrub which bears small and oval leaves. For hedge plants, many cultivars of this plant are available. This plant is hardy to zone 6. If you wish to combine security with aesthetic purposes, then you can select the English holly. They can grow tall enough to serve as privacy screens. 

Holly shrubs are considered as the classic hedge plants. In formal garden design, these broadleaf plants were famous and adored by Europeans for quite a time as defining elements. Boxwood shrubs are suitable as hedge plants which include the mountain laurels. They bloom in late spring – early summer which makes a big bonus with mountain laurels. 

    Examples of Deciduous Hedge Scrubs 

It is true that deciduous hedge looks amazing while they are in bloom. Deciduous shrubs are not that suitable as privacy screens because they drop their leaves and stand naked for quite a time. Rose of Sharon, lilac bushes, and forsythia bushes are 3 of the most commonly found plants in hedges. 

    Examples of Other Hedge Shrubs 

Azaleas, as well as rivets, are broadleaf shrubs that put out their flowers. However, not all kinds of privets and azaleas are evergreen and those that are evergreen will not surely thrive in your neighborhood. 

To see if you can grow evergreen privets or azaleas in your area, check with your local county extension. To form a wall straight up and down, it is advisable that you do not prune hedge plants. Rather, you can prune hedges so that the base is wider compared to the top portion.  

This will allow enough sunlight to reach the bottom part and keep it healthy. You can invest in a hedge hammer to aid you in the task of pruning hedge plants. You will definitely save energy and time by using this tool.

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Simple To-Do Things to Scare Away Rats From Your Home

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Of all the horrendous pests that exist in this beautiful world, rats are the most notorious and frightful. Rats bring in disease and viruses because they live in very dirty environments, like sewers, drainage systems, and other damp, underground places.  

Because of the harm that these rats can bring to us and our property, we have to take measures to eradicate them or scare them away. To help you in this mission, here is a list of simple to do things to scare away rats from your home. 


  1. Pepper

Most likely, you have pepper in your kitchen, and this substance can help you in driving away these pests. Peppers make it hard for the rats to breathe, it makes the air stuffy and quite spicy. Rats don’t like this because it is a form of threat to their lives, so use your pepper and spray it in areas where they live or their entryways to your home. The next time you go to your supermarkets buy peppers in extras so you would have something left for your cooking. 

  1. Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is one of the foods or food ingredients that are attractive to rats. But bay leaves contain substances that can be a toxin to rats, killing them in if they decide to eat it. Buy extra bay leaves and place it in places where they live or go, and watch as they die one by one. 

  1. Onions

Another food ingredient that is readily available in your kitchen that can help you in your crusade against rats are onions. Onions pungent scent is enough to make us teary eyed, but to rats, it is enough to drive them away and never come back. Place the onions on their entry ways or hideouts; inspect the onions every time and replace the ones that are beginning to decay. 

  1. Have Pets

Another simple way to drive away rats is to have pets like cats and dogs. The presence of these lovely and magnificent animals would intimidate the rats away. If the rats decide to take risks for few scraps of food, our cats and dogs will be glad enough to hunt them down.  

  1. Clean your Food

Rats love to visit your home because they can find lots of food in it. If you take away their food sources, there is a high chance that they will also leave your house alone. After every meals or snack, take the step of cleaning the area up to remove food sediments on the floor.  

It is also important to store your food properly away, but airtight containers for your food or place them immediately in your refrigerator. Throw away left overs that are no longer wanted, together with your trash for the garbage contractor to take. 

  1. Hire Professional

If you don’t want to through the hassle of doing these things, you can opt for the convenient choice of hiring professionals. Hire pest control Tyler Tx for an efficient and fast removal of these undesirable rats.

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